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So Sincere Words & Music By Don Bruner So sincere she sounded So sincere I found her I couldn't tear my self away Her gaze was so appealing Found my self revealing Things I thought I'd never say Like, I don't need another affair And, I just want someone to care How could it be She could pull the truth from me It's 'cause she's So Sincere I've been waiting Been hesitating Built walls that no one could get through But she cures me As she reassures me That I've finally found a love that's true Ok I've heard it all before Its not just words with her, it's more I know it's hard to see Someone got to me It's ‘cause she's So Sincere Oh when she tells me love grows I'm not naive but I wanna believe it I, I've been searching my soul Yes now it's clear I must have her near Because she's So Sincere Oh and when I look in her eyes That's when I see the love there for me We, we got nothing to hide Yes it's so clear I must have her near Because she's So Sincere She is So Sincere So Sincere She’ll never do me wrong Yes her gaze was so appealing So Sincere Yeah I searched my soul Now I watch love grow And it’s so revealing So Sincere Copyright © 2011 Brunlieder Music, BMI


Produced by Randy Miller




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So sincere
So sincere
  • So sincere

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